Platinum Range

Fully synthetic for Low Emissions, Fuel & Maintenance Cost savings 


United Platinum Euro is an Ultra High Performance Diesel (UHPD) low ash fully synthetic lubricants that meets the requirements of ACEA E6, E7, E9 and MB-Approval 228.51 as well as meeting Euro V and VI emission requirements.

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PLATINUM DX (API CJ-4/SN 10W30, 10W40 & 15W40)

United Platinum DX is a premium fully synthetic CJ-4/ SN heavy-duty diesel engine oil that delivers outstanding performance and durability by using the latest unique scientific technology. It provides exceptional soot control and superior protection against wear, deposits, varnish, rust and corrosion protection for the low-emission Euro V and VI heavy duty engines fitted with diesel particulate filter traps (and other exhaust after-treatment devices).

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United Platinum Xtreme Diesel Engine Oil is specifically formulated for extended drain service in the most demanding applications requiring API Service Category CJ-4/SN, as well as the latest OEM's for EPA 2010 compliant on-highway and Tier 4 nonroad diesel engines equipped with after treatment devices such as Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Particulate Filters and Selective Catalytic Reduction system or for previous model year diesel engines. Exceeds the highest API SN gasoline engine performance as well.

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