Corporate Milestones

1999 Incorporation of United Oil Company Pte Ltd following acquisition of a lubricant blending facility.
  “United Oil” brand of products was established, targeting the automotive, industrial and marine and other sectors.
  Established distributorship networks in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.
2000 Awarded ISO 9001 certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited for our quality management system in respect on the manufacture of lubricants by blending of base oils and additives.
2001 Entered into premium lubricant market in Australia through a local distributor.
2003 Started a cooperation with PT Pacific Lubritama Indonesia ("PLI"), an Indonesia-based lubricant manufacturer.
  Expanded product range.
2006 Sponsored the “United Oil Racing” team to participate in several car races in the International V8 Supercars Championship in Australia, in 2006 and 2007.
2008 One of the pioneer lubricant manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region to adopt and take advantage of the high quality hydro-processed mineral base oil, and to customise some of our formulations to introduce Group II base oil blended products.
2009 Entered into the Commonwealth of Independent States ("CIS") market by securing orders for the blending of a third party principal's brand of lubricants.
2012 Launched a full range of transmission fluids.
2013 Started a cooperation with UNT Oil pursuant to which our products are blended in Singapore and sent to Port Klang, Malaysia for further processing and packaging for export and distribution in other countries.
2014 Sold our "United Oil" brand of products in CIS.
2015 Entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with CNOOC to collaborate and market lubricant products in the PRC and other markets. Subsequently, we launched the "HydroPure" brand with CNOOC.
  Incorporation of United Global Limited.
2016 United Global Limited was listed on the Catalist of the Singapore Exchange.
  Entered into shareholders agreement with our Taiwan distributor Jin Wei Chuang Co. Ltd to set up a 35%/65% joint venture in Taiwan to distribute our brands of lubricants as well as to trade third-party lubricant products.
2017 Signed a 3-year joint operation agreement with Lighthouse Enterprise Ltd to market and distribute specialised lubricants in Myanmar.
  Acquired a 95% stake in Indonesian lubricants manufacturer and trader, PT Pacific Lubritama Indonesia (PLI).
  Formed a  joint venture with Japan’s M-TechX Group to produce oil-absorbent nano-fibre materials for various industrial and commercial industries in Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and the rest of the world.
2018 Joint venture with PFR Management Pty Ltd and DP United Pty Ltd to import and distribute lubricant products manufactured by United Oil in Australia.
  Established joint venture to trade and retail petrol and related products in Philippines.