Values ​​and Philosophy

WE believe in Reliably providing our customers with good performance products at a price Level considered as 'Value for Money' . with today's technology developing rapidly requiring engineering performing lubricants, WE are committed to meet industry demands with a range of products that is technology led. Giving our customers 'Value for Money' continues to be our company's core value. This enables our customers to be more competitive using the full set of benefits from our competitively priced products. In addition to producing our range of United Oil's brand of lubricants, we also provide contract blending services for private labels and supply high quality base oils and additives to our associates.

We believe that more important to this hardware is our people who are responsive to our customer needs and are willing to customise our services. We believe in strong win-win partnerships with our suppliers and customers. We are committed to creating for our staff a working environment that improves continuously and is innovative.

Company Philosophy and Strengths

  • Innovation - Always on the lookout for emerging technologies and new materials to stay ahead.
  • Continuous Improvement - Dedicated to R & D.
  • Flexibility - Prompt & responsive in meeting customer needs.
  • Form Alliance with Customers -  Understand and work with customers to provide customised services.
  • High Quality Standards of Products & Services -  Decrease downtime, extend life of major capital assets and reduce cost associated with heavy fleet and equipment maintenance.
  • Total Customer Support -  Experience team of professionals offering product selection, product knowledge, training and logistics support.